Golden Valley County Commissioners:
Dave Quale, John Thompson, Harley Steffan

County Officials:
Auditor - Cecilia (Ceil) Stedman, 701-872-4331 (PO Box 67)
Clerk & Recorder - Susan Davidson, 701-872-3713
Emergency Manager-Brenda Frieze-701-872-3917
State's Attny - Charles Peterson, 701-872-3731
Treasurer - Gene Skoglund, 701-872-4411
Tax Director – Henry Gerving, 701-872-4673
County Ext. Agent - Ashley Ueckert, 701-872-4332
Public Health Nurse – Gina Manhart, 701-872-4533

County Library
54 Central Ave., Beach, 872-4627
Librarian - Joann Tescher

Law Enforcement
For emergencies, dial 911
Non-emergencies - 872-4733
Sheriff - Scott Steele

Ambulance/Rescue Service
Paramedic - Kitty Knapkewicz

City of Beach

PO Box  278 - Beach, ND 58621

City Hall:  701-872-4103

"2003 City of the Year"
Beach is a “home rule” city and operates on a Council form of government. The City Council meets the first and third Mondays of each month.  Beach currently has a Renaissance Zone tax incentive designation for new and existing businesses.

Mayor: Walt Losinski
City Auditor: Kimberly Nunberg
Councilmen: Tim Marman, Paul Lautenschlager, Wade Walworth, Mark Benes, Jeanne Larson, Henry Gerving
Public Works Superintendent-Dell Beach

Park Board Officials:
President: Jennifer Erickson
Vice President:  Mike Braden

Park Board Members:
Robin Jandt, Jon Dahl, Terry Egan
Parks & Rec Manager: Janie Rathbun

Fire Department
Beach/Central Rural:
Chief – Dan Buchholz
Assistant Chief – Scot Steele


City of Sentinel Butte

PO Box 187
Sentinel Butte, ND 58654

Sentinel Butte is an Incorporated City which operates on a traditional Council form of government The City Council meets each second Monday of the month.

Mayor: Rick Olson
City Auditor: Judy Mollendor                                                                             Alderman:  Jack Cook, Troy Bohn, Terry Mollendor & Dean VanHorn

Sentinel Butte Fire Department:
Chief – Aaron Brown
Assistant Chief – Troy Bohn

City of Golva

16991 49th SW
Golva, ND 58632

City of Golva's form of government "council form of government" meets the "first Monday of the month"

Mayor: Darin Maus
City Auditor: Bobbi Maus
Aldermen: Marilyn Rising, Rick Noll, Joe Kreitinger and Ron Barthel
City Superintendent-Carl Granat

Golva Fire Department :
Chief - Gary Rising
Assistant Chief – LeRoy Johnson

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