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  1. City of Beach Water Turn On/Off
  2. House #, street where service is requested
  3. We will e-mail you to make sure you are the homeowner.
  4. An excerpt from Ordinance 14.015:
    Shutting off water: Charges for. The City shall charge the sum of $25.00, plus the cost of materials, for turning on services to the City Water System for the purpose of repairs or tests on behalf of the owner or consumer.
  5. Instructions for Water Services to be turned on
    Note, a person you appoint needs to be available to meet with someone from the Public Works Dept. at the house AND your person needs to be able to go in the house to check for leaks and/or reinstall the water meter.
  6. 24 hour advanced notice required.
    Hint: if turn on or off service is requested on a friday, nothing will happen until Monday.
  7. Liability Waiver of City of Beach
    By signing below (electronically checking), I'm signifying that I was informed of the turn on fee. Also, if the meter stays in place I am responsible that the heat stays at a suggested minimum of 50 degrees so that the meter does not freeze and break resulting in me paying to replace that meter.
  8. Checkbox for Liability Waiver*
  9. Confirmation Email
    Check the box below if you would like a confirmation email sent to the email address above after the requested service has been done.
  10. (meter info: still hooked up, drained but still there, etc.)
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