This page only gives you a flavor of what our region has to offer. Unfortunately there isn't enough space in this website to show you all the attractions in the area but it does mention a few. From outdoor experiences, preservation of pioneer heritage to technological advances in farming, you won't find another region like this. You are invited to see for yourself and enjoy yourself in Beach, Golva and Sentinel Butte.

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Unique Shopping

New traditions are laying root in Golden Valley County. In keeping with North Dakota's heritage from pioneer days pottery has long been a needed item for survival. But in modern times it has become a collectable item sought after by collectors and people who appreciate hand crafted pieces. Prairie Fire Pottery, located in Beach, is keeping with the long traditions of pottery production in North Dakota. They also produce a very unique clay tile with footprints of animals from the area as well as from endangered species from around the world. Prairie Fire Pottery is also a proud supplier to zoos and parks around the world. This is a must stop for any traveler passing the region.